Top 10 Highest Paying IT Jobs in 2021

As the digital transformation of the world continues, it has brought with it a plethora of exciting new opportunities for professionals in the technology. Given that a lot of the skills that the digital world requires are still in short supply, most of these jobs are Highest Paying IT Jobs in 2021.

Entering the job market as a fresher is a challenge and it could take a lot of effort to find the right job. There are various kinds of opportunities in the market and young professionals need to look out for their first job that aligns with their skills and interests to get Highest Paying IT Jobs in 2021.

Here’s a look at the top 10 highest paying IT jobs in 2021 around, including what they involve and how much you could earn.

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1. Data Scientists

Several reports agree that ‘Data Scientist’ is the sexist job of the 21st century. Not surprising then that it is at the top of the list highest paying IT jobs in 2021.

There has been a 29% increase in demand for data scientists year over year and a dramatic upswing of 344% increase since 2013, and for all the right reasons. A Data Scientist is a professional who makes use of different statistical methods, data analysis techniques, and machine learning to comprehend and analyze data to arrive at crucial business conclusions.

A data scientist with a fair amount of experience can make up to US$800K in the US, and in India, nearly 90 lakh rupees per annum.


  • Bachelors degree in Computer science, mathematics, statistics
  • Data science certifications


  • Code in language like Python, R, SAS and other analytical tools
  • Data visualization & Analytical skills
  • Understand Machine Learning algorithms

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2. Artificial Intelligence Professionals

The supply-demand gap for artificial intelligence professionals is incredibly high. An Artificial Intelligence (AI) architect develops, manages and oversees AI initiatives within an organization. An AI architect should have deep knowledge in mathematics and statistics

AI professionals are chiefly responsible for enabling machines to have artificial intelligence. Their core tasks include understanding and creating AI algorithm, programming and more. The average yearly salary of an AI architect earns over $110,000 and in India, nearly 30 lakh rupees per annum.


  • Graduate in Mathematics, computer science, statistics, or related field
  • Certification in artificial intelligence courses


  • Programming skills and know Python, R and Torch
  • Analytical & Statistical skills
  • understanding technologies related to Machine Learning, Neural Networks & Deep Learning


3. Cyber Security Professionals

All most all kinds of businesses have an online presence today and so it becomes important to protect their valuable digital assets. Since cybersecurity is indispensable to all kinds of businesses, there’s a growing demand for cybersecurity professionals. They ensure brands and businesses are secured against cyber threats and crimes. Recent reports show that cybersecurity experts can easily earn over $110,000 , in India 30-40 lakhs/annum.


  • Graduate in Mathematics, computer science, statistics, or related field
  • Certification in a cybersecurity course


  • Problem-Solving Skills
  • Technical aptitude & Analytical skills
  • Computer Forensics skills
  • Knowledge of Security across Various Platforms


4. Full Stack Developers

Full-stack developers are responsible for overall web development and maintenance. Their ability to work on both the front end and the back-end functionalities of any application makes them particularly significant in the tech department of any company. Reports show that there has been a 20% spike in the demand of full-stack developers in India in recent times.

Startup companies seem to be employing more full-stack developers as they need professionals who are responsible for product applications end-to-end. If you love coding and have commendable knowledge of Java, CSS, python, PHP and .NET.

Finally, you must know to work with MySQL, Oracle, and MongoDB. Full stack developers in the U.S earn nearly US$300K, and in India, about 35 lakh rupees per annum.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, computer science, statistics, or related field
  • Proficiency with fundamental front end languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript


  • Front end and back end technology skills
  • Version control system
  • Coding , Cloud & Database skills


5. Big Data Engineer

Big Data has been a revolution in every business sector over the last 10 years. Engineers store, process, and analyze data. They develop, design, test and maintain the big data architecture in an organization.

Should have in-depth knowledge of Hadoop, Spark, RDBMS, and NoSQL. They should have hands-on experience with languages such as Java, and Python and they need to know tools like Hive and Pig.

They must also possess data warehousing skills. Big data engineers earn US$300K in the United States and in India, nearly 30 lakh rupees per annum.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, computer science, statistics, or related field
  • Proficiency with fundamental front end languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript


  • Understanding Hadoop, Spark and data warehousing technologies
  • Data visualization skills
  • Problem-solving & Excellent communication skills


6. Cloud Computing Professionals

Cloud software engineers, cloud architects, cloud infrastructure engineer etc are in high demand and it will continue to rise. There are more openings than qualified candidates for cloud computing in India at the moment. A degree in cloud computing can spike your salary by up to 60%. Seasoned experts can even earn up to 70 lakhs/annum.

A cloud architect typically is responsible for developing cloud architecture, developing a cloud strategy and coordinating the implementation and deployment of it, and ensuring application architecture and deployments in the cloud environment are done properly. The average yearly salary of a cloud architect is $207,000.


  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer applications or a science stream
  • Certification through cloud computing courses


  • Programming skills
  • Database management skills
  • Linux skills
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning knowledge
  • serverless architecture knowledge


7. Blockchain Developer

A blockchain developer researches, designs, develops, and tests blockchain technologies. They build infrastructure and set up security measures to protect against cyber-attacks and help to optimize blockchain protocols. Blockchain developers build decentralized apps and supervise the entire network.

Developer should be proficient in computer networking, cryptography, and data structures. They should have a fundamental knowledge of programming languages like Java and Python.

In the United States, a blockchain developer with just a few years of experience earns nearly US$170K and in India, about 27 lakh rupees per annum.


  • Proficiency in programming
  • Knowledge and understanding of Ripple, Etherium, R3, and bitcoin technologies.
  • In-depth understanding of consensus methodologies
  • Security protocol stacks and crypto libraries


8. DevOps Engineer

Devops engineers work with developers and the IT team to oversee code releases. They code and script to ensure continuous development, integration, and deployment of software. They also automate tests, deploy the code and monitor it.

The other major responsibilities include participation in deployment and network operations and working on developing new applications.

Experienced DevOps engineers can earn up to US$200K in the United States, and in India, around 30 lakh rupees per annum.


  • Knowledge of JavaScript, Python, Ruby
  • know various DevOps tools and technologies


9. Software Engineers

The market keeps absorbing an increasing number of software engineers each year. With international tech giants investing in the Indian market and outsourcing talent overseas like never before, the number keeps growing. Cities like Bangalore alone has seen a rapid rise in the employment of engineers in recent years.

The average yearly salary of a engineers with 4-5 years of experience t is over $114,000 and in india between 13-17 lakhs.


  • Bachelors degree in computer science, computer system engineering, or software engineering


  • Software testing and debugging
  • Computer programming and coding
  • Problem-solving and logical thinking
  • Software development

10.Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions Architect

One of the most-in demand and best paying jobs in technology today is an IoT solutions architect. In addition to understanding IoT solutions, one should also have strong programming skills, understanding of Machine Learning, and knowledge of hardware design and architecture.

An IoT solutions architect is responsible for leading as well as participating in the activities around architecture and design, helping to develop an overall IoT ecosystem engagement based on the IoT Solution Framework, and translating business needs into solution architecture requirements.

Highest paying tech job you can earn an average of over $130,000 annually and in India between 12-15 lakhs.


However, a few basic skills and the ability to adapt to changes quickly and efficiently is what will keep professionals at the top of the job market in 2021 from above Highest Paying IT Jobs in 2021 .

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